Our kombucha is slow-brewed in sunny Jozi, combining locally sourced green tea with fresh natural ingredients.

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Lemongrass Ginger Zinger Kombucha

Something a little zestier for those who want some spice in their Kombucha. Guaranteed pure goodness in every sip.

Back to Blackberry Kombucha

Our “Back to Blackberry” Kombucha gives you that o’ so sweet flavour of delicious blackberry and is the perfect refresher on a hot, sunny day.

Elderflower Power Kombucha

Our Elderflower Kombucha is elegently delightful, with a distinct floral flavour of this incredible immune boosting plant.

Mon Sour Cheri Kombucha

The flavour of sour cherries blends together perfectly to create a refreshingly tart Kombucha that leaves you wanting more.